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2017年 03月 04日

【映画】Natalie C. Andersonの「City Of Saints & Thieves」映画化へ

Universal PicturesはNatalie C. Andersonのベストセラー「City Of Saints & Thieves」のオプション権を取得、ウィル・パッカーのWill Packer Productionsとケリー・ワシントンのSimpson Streetが制作予定。

In the shadows of Sangui City, there lives a girl who doesn't exist. After fleeing the Congo as refugees, Tina and her mother arrived in Kenya looking for the chance to build a new life and home. Her mother quickly found work as a maid for a prominent family, headed by Roland Greyhill, one of the city’s most respected business leaders. But Tina soon learns that the Greyhill fortune was made from a life of corruption and crime. So when her mother is found shot to death in Mr. Greyhill's personal study, she knows exactly who’s behind it.
With revenge always on her mind, Tina spends the next four years surviving on the streets alone, working as a master thief for the Goondas, Sangui City’s local gang. It’s a job for the Goondas that finally brings Tina back to the Greyhill estate, giving her the chance for vengeance she’s been waiting for. But as soon as she steps inside the lavish home, she’s overtaken by the pain of old wounds and the pull of past friendships, setting into motion a dangerous cascade of events that could, at any moment, cost Tina her life. But finally uncovering the incredible truth about who killed her mother and why keeps her holding on in this fast-paced nail-biting thriller.

原作 City of Saints & Thieves Natalie C. Anderson G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers


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2016年 10月 31日



ピーター・ジャクソンとフラン・ウォルシュはフィリップ・リーヴ(Philip Reeve)の「移動都市(Mortal Engines)」シリーズを映画化、Christian Riversが監督する模様。


原作 移動都市 (創元SF文庫) フィリップ・リーヴ 東京創元社

原作 おもな登場人物


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2016年 08月 10日



Universal Picturesはマット・ラフ(Matt Ruff)のサイコロジカル・スリラー「バッド・モンキーズ(Bad Monkeys)」のオプション権を取得、スコット・ステューバーとディラン・クラーク、マーゴット・ロビー(主演も?)が制作する模様。

Josey McNamaraが制作総指揮。


原作 バッド・モンキーズ マット・ラフ 文藝春秋

原作 おもな登場人物
あたし ジェイン・シャーロット
フィル 弟


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2016年 06月 06日

【映画】「Spirit Animals」シリーズ、映画化へ

Universal PicturesはBrandon Mull の「Spirit Animals」シリーズを映画化、ジョン・フスコが脚色、デボラ・フォートが制作予定。

Four children separated by vast distances all undergo the same ritual, watched by cloaked strangers. Four flashes of light erupt, and from them emerge the unmistakable shapes of incredible beasts -- a wolf, a leopard, a panda, a falcon. Suddenly the paths of these children -- and the world -- have been changed forever.
Enter the world of Erdas, where every child who comes of age must discover if they have a spirit animal, a rare bond between human and beast that bestows great powers to both. A dark force has risen from distant and long-forgotten lands, and has begun an onslaught that will ravage the world. Now the fate of Erdas has fallen on the shoulders of four young strangers . . . and on you.
Part engrossing book series, part action role-playing game -- discover your spirit animal and join the adventure.

原作 Wild Born (Spirit Animals) Brandon Mull Scholastic Trade


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2016年 05月 17日


Universalはニール・シャスターマン(Neal Shusterman)のYAシリーズの権利を取得、1作目「Scythe」を映画化予定。


Two teens are forced to murder maybe each other in the first in a chilling new series from Neal Shusterman, author of the New York Times bestselling Unwind dystology.
In a world where disease has been eliminated, the only way to die is to be randomly killed (“gleaned”) by professional reapers (“scythes”). Citra and Rowan are teenagers who have been selected to be scythe’s apprentices, and despite wanting nothing to do with the vocation they must learn the art of killing and come to understand the necessity of what they do.
Only one of them will be chosen as a scythe’s apprentice. And when it becomes clear that the winning apprentice’s first task will be to glean the loser, Citra and Rowan are pitted against one another in a fight for their lives.

原作 Scythe (English Edition) Neal Shusterman Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers


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2016年 03月 05日



ジョニー・デップがUniversal制作のリブート版「透明人間(The Invisible Man)」に出演する模様。


原作はH・G・ウェルズ(H.G. Wells)の古典ということになるのでしょうが…(どんなお話になるのやら)

原作 透明人間 (岩波文庫) H・G・ウェルズ 岩波書店

原作 おもな登場人物

ホール夫人 宿屋のおかみ
ミリー メイド
テディ・ヘンフリー 時計屋
ファーレンサイド ぎょ者
サンディ・ウォジャース かじ屋
サイラス・ダーカン 牧師
カス先生 医者
ボビイ・ジェファーズ 巡査
ハクスター 雑貨屋


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2016年 02月 23日

【映画】Universal、ギリアン・フリンの「The Grownup」を映画化へ

Universal Picturesはギリアン・フリン(Gillian Flynn)の短編小説「The Grownup」を映画化、ナタリー・クリンスキーが脚色予定。


A canny young woman is struggling to survive by perpetrating various levels of mostly harmless fraud. On a rainy April morning, she is reading auras at Spiritual Palms when Susan Burke walks in. A keen observer of human behavior, our unnamed narrator immediately diagnoses beautiful, rich Susan as an unhappy woman eager to give her lovely life a drama injection. However, when the "psychic" visits the eerie Victorian home that has been the source of Susan’s terror and grief, she realizes she may not have to pretend to believe in ghosts anymore. Miles, Susan’s teenage stepson, doesn’t help matters with his disturbing manner and grisly imagination. The three are soon locked in a chilling battle to discover where the evil truly lurks and what, if anything, can be done to escape it.

原作 The Grownup (Kindle Single) Gillian Flynn Crown


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2016年 02月 16日

【映画】Universal、Sloane Crosleyの「The Clasp」を映画化へ

UniversalはSloane Crosleyのデビュー小説「The Clasp」のオプション権を取得、作者 Crosleyが脚色で映画化する模様。


Reunited for the extravagant wedding of a college friend: Kezia, the second in command to an eccentric jewellery designer; Nathaniel, the former literary cool kid now selling his wares in Hollywood; and Victor, who has just been fired from a middling search engine. They soon slip back into their old roles Victor loves Kezia. Kezia loves Nathaniel. Nathaniel loves Nathaniel.
In the midst of all this semi merriment, Victor has a bizarre encounter with the mother of the groom that triggers an obsession over a legendary necklace. Lacking employment or any other kind of tie, Victor leaves New York in search of the jewellery, supposedly stashed away in an obscure small town chateau. And, in a bid to save him from ruining whatever is left of his young ambitions, Kezia and Nathaniel set out to find him.

原作 The Clasp: A Novel  Sloane Crosley Windmill Books

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2015年 10月 29日

【映画】グラント・ピアース・マイヤーズ、「Queen Of Hearts」を脚色へ

「メイズ・ランナー」の脚本家グラント・ピアース・マイヤーズがUniversal Pictures製作の「Queen Of Hearts」脚本家として起用された模様。

原作はColleen OakesのYA小説シリーズ。

As Princess of Wonderland Palace and the future Queen of Hearts, Dinah’s days are an endless monotony of tea, tarts, and a stream of vicious humiliations at the hands of her father, the King of Hearts. The only highlight of her days is visiting Wardley, her childhood best friend, the future Knave of Hearts and the love of her life.
When an enchanting stranger arrives at the Palace, Dinah watches as everything she’s ever wanted threatens to crumble. As her coronation date approaches, a series of suspicious and bloody events suggests that something sinister stirs in the whimsical halls of Wonderland. It’s up to Dinah to unravel the mysteries that lurk both inside and under the Palace before she loses her own head to a clever and faceless foe.

原作  The Crown (Queen of Hearts) Colleen Oakes Sparkpress

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2014年 08月 19日


 alt=UniversalとImagine Entertainmentがアン・ライス( Anne Rice)の「ヴァンパイア・クロニクル(The Vampire Chronicles)」シリーズの権利を取得した模様。

この中にはクリストファー・ライス脚本の「肉体泥棒の罠(Tale of the Body Thief)」の権利も含まれているそうです。




肉体泥棒の罠―ヴァンパイア・クロニクルズ〈上〉 (扶桑社ミステリー) アン・ライス 扶桑社
肉体泥棒の罠―ヴァンパイア・クロニクルズ〈下〉 (扶桑社ミステリー) アン・ライス 扶桑社

原作 おもな登場人物(肉体泥棒の罠)

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